Our service for you

AETROS helps you to apply deep learning in your project.

Build model

We build or support you building a deep learning model for your application.

Training data

We help you to generate data or analyse your existing. We also build tools specially for your use case to generate or label data.

Deploy model

We help you to build infrastructure to deploy your model and integrate it in your application, or we host it for you.


We build artificial intelligence

Our team is ready to kick-start you into the artificial intelligence age using deep learning to build solutions for your use-cases. Together with your team, our experts will explore the possibilities of deep learning for your application. We do not only build studies or proof of concepts, but we support you by building the actual deep learning models and integrate them together with your IT into your applications. We partner up with technological leaders in artificial intelligence and have a wide network of freelance experts to make sure even large and sophisticated projects will be implemented successfully.

Proof of concept

Whenever you want to apply deep learning in a project for the first time, you will need a dedicated team of professionals to make sure your use case is technically and financially reasonable. If you want to lower your business risk, we can help you to build a first proof of concept. If you are satisfied with its results, we can continue our partnership and extend the development, or we help you building a team so your company can continue using artificial intelligence standalone.

Personal training

On-site private training sessions with you and your team. We also do special training sessions, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to have covered a special topic or focus on your application.

Example sessions

Deep learning basics

  • What deep learing possibilities are
  • How deep neural networks work
  • Deep neural network architectures
  • The process from idea to applied deep learning

AETROS Trainer

  • Manage your models and experiments more efficient
  • Use deep neural network designer
  • Use automatic hyperparameter search
  • Use our Python SDK with all features