Command job-pull

The job-pull command resolves the given id as Git reference and pulls the reference with all its data of the model's Git repository from AETROS server defined in the configuration host property.

This is useful if you want to have job files available offline in a Git repository.

aetros job-pull peter/mnist/ef8009d83a9892968097cec05b9467c685d45453
Show files
git --bare --git-dir ~/.aetros/peter/mnist.git/ ls-tree -r \ refs/aetros/job/ef8009d83a9892968097cec05b9467c685d45453
usage: aetros job-pull [-h] [--model MODEL] [-c CONFIG] id positional arguments: id Short or long job id, like ef8009d83a9892968097cec05b9467c685d45453 optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --model MODEL Model name like peter/mnist. Per default from configuration. -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG Default aetros.yml in current working directory or directories above.