Command job-commits

Lists all Git commits of a job.

aetros job-checkout -t checkout-folder 1f8602207 embedding_simple/
Checkout job files marcj/project-a 1f8602207bd43cb5265205a73e6e6e7a231b35e3 into /Users/marc/project-a/checkout-folder ...
tree /Users/marc/project-a/checkout-folder/
/Users/marc/bude/embedding1/checkout-folder/ └── embedding_simple └── 1 directory, 1 file
usage: aetros job-commits [-h] [--model MODEL] [-c CONFIG] job_id positional arguments: job_id Short or long job id like ed4d6a204. optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --model MODEL Model name like peter/mnist. Per default from configuration. -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG Default aetros.yml in current working directory or directories above.