Command authenticate

The authenticate command is used to authenticate the current machine with your AETROS account. It is creating automatically a SSH key pair and creates a request link to authenticate the machine, you need to click in order to open the request in AETROS Trainer. After the login in your browser, you can accept the request for the current user, making the machine immediately available to communicate with AETROS trainer under your account.

Warning: Every machine you authenticate will have full access to you account and is able to authenticate more machines. Never make your private keys (in folder ~/.ssh/) public.

The command is doing following automatically.

  1. Create new SSH rsa key pair
  2. Creates new authentication request token
  3. Redirects user to AETROS Trainer with the request token
  4. User needs to login and confirm the request
  5. Once confirmed, the generated SSH key pair is stored in ~/.ssh/
  6. The key is configured under in ~/.ssh/config
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/aetros_marcj_rsa
aetros authenticate
Open following link and login to confirm this machine's SSH key in your account. Public Key Fingerprint: MD5:5c:6e:a8:88:90:1a:ff:55:c5:09:52:76:66:0e:08:b8 Waiting for confirmation ... marcj confirmed the public key. Test with "aetros id" or "ssh". Private key /Users/marc/.ssh/aetros_marcj_rsa installed in ~/.ssh/config for Key installed of account marcj (Marc Schmidt).