Welcome to AETROS! In this documentation you'll find more information about our products, services and libraries.

AETROS Trainer

With our main web application you can monitor and analyse your machine learning experiment, create new jobs and compare the results.


A collection of command line tools necessary to work and interact with your jobs and AETROS Trainer.


When executing your commands in a job, you usually want to display metrics, progress, logs, debug images, embeddings and more. With out Job API you can execute commands of AETROS Trainer and send more machine learning specific data to AETROS Trainer so we can display it per job in a beautiful way. See the Job API section for all features available.

Python SDK

If you have models written in Python, you can additionally to the Job API talk with our SDK directly. Use the Python SDK to send metrics, logs, images and other experiment information. See the Job API section for examples.