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Artificial intelligence in the hands of the enterprise will change the world.
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Deep learning

Create completely new applications using deep learning, a sub field of artificial intelligence using deep artificial neural networks. With our tool AETROS Trainer you can quickly create, train and deploy your own deep neural network to build completely new ideas or improve your existing business with an exciting technology.


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Example use case

Computer vision is an everyday use case.
A human has to constantly identify situations by classifying optical data: such as red or green traffic light, street signs, unknown persons or friends, or differentiate between a harmless fish and an attacking shark. 

Several years ago, these tasks were neither completely affordable nor accurate. Today we have the chance to use neural networks to help humans classify images or videos with affordable servers and hardware.

Since these tasks are so basic for humans, it is almost impossible to think about all possible use cases. Here we have some examples for you, and we are curious what problem you want to solve with it!

Object identification

Train a neural network to find objects, patterns, products, or anomalies in images.

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